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What Are the Unique Features of Minecraft China Edition?

what is minecraft china edition

Minecraft China Edition, developed by Mojang Studios and NetEase, is a localized version of the Java and Bedrock editions, specifically tailored for mainland China. As of October 2022, it boasts a player base of 600 million.

Key Features and Restrictions

  • Accessibility: It is free to download and play, but requires a Chinese citizen ID.
  • Localization: The interface is exclusively in Simplified Chinese and cannot be changed.
  • Security Measures: The game rigorously verifies copies to restrict access to foreign users.
  • Cloud Storage: Available in the Java Edition only.
  • Communication: Features a friends system with live text chat support. However, all in-game text content, including chats and names, undergoes strict censorship.
  • Server Rental and Management: Integrated into the launcher, this feature serves as an alternative to the Realms service, with specific restrictions in the Bedrock Edition.
  • Online Game Server: Offers a separate server type with full ownership permissions and an in-server shop.
  • VIP Membership Center: Provides monthly memberships with discounts on seasonal merchandise.
  • Patch System: An alternative to the Marketplace service, offering community-contributed and official patches.
  • Game Modes: Includes unique modes like “Chaos/Apocalyptic Game mode” and “Three Kingdoms: Chibi Game mode”, adding new elements to the game.
  • Interface Adjustments: Custom interfaces for advanced features and different platforms (Windows and Mobile) with specific sections like Game Center, Patch Center, and Resource Center.

Unique Characteristics in China Edition

  • No achievements in the Bedrock Edition.
  • Virtual joystick support and a new UI in the Bedrock Edition.
  • “The Shopkeeper’s Gifts”: An ad-based reward system in the Bedrock Edition.
  • NPC functionality: Limited but customizable in the Bedrock Edition.

Comparison with Java and Bedrock Editions

  • Pricing: The China Edition is free, unlike the Java and Bedrock editions which are paid.
  • Account and Launching: Requires a NetEase account and is launched in the launcher.
  • World and Data Settings: Managed through the launcher as opposed to in-game settings in other editions.
  • Mods: The China Edition comes with pre-installed mods like anti-addiction Mod, Filter Mod, and more.

System Requirements

The game is compatible with various devices across Windows, Android, iOS & iPadOS, and macOS platforms, each having specific minimum requirements for resolution, CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage. Notably, it supports a range of devices from Pixel phones to MacBooks with M1 chips.

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This tailored version of Minecraft for China showcases a unique blend of cultural adaptation, regulatory compliance, and innovative features, distinguishing it from its global counterparts.


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